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Envisioning and developing the world’s first truly ‘whereable’ stand-alone devices that equip, empower and inform.

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Founded in 2014 in Charleston, South Carolina, by entrepreneurs Jim Van Law and Mark Karsch, Whereable Technologies is a global safety device company and the creator of RiskBand, the world’s first wearable personal security device not tied to a smartphone.

Our Team

Passionate. Innovative. Experienced.

President & Chief Executive Officer

Jim Van Law

Jim Van Law was raised in a family where the relentless pursuit of excellence was the unspoken expectation. His great grandfather served as a trusted advisor to five United States Presidents (Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover). His grandfather was the National Chairman of the Republican Party during the Eisenhower administration and later, a trusted advisor to Presidents Ford, Bush and Reagan. As a direct result, many of Jim’s role models as a youngster were literally worldwide difference makers, a fact that Jim acknowledges helped motivate him to set lofty personal goals. That helps to explain his thirty years of success as a nationally recognized banker, respected corporate leader, esteemed entrepreneur, and highly sought-after business strategist.

Jim’s resume speaks to the exceptional success he achieved in the banking world. By the age of 35, Jim had already been named a Division President of New England Bank. Doubling that bank’s lending volume in just 12 months. Jim was then asked to oversee the East Coast lending division of Sovereign Bank. Later Jim would go on to serve as the National Director of Retail Loan Production for Citigroup, which, by then, had become the nation’s largest bank. Racking up multiple awards for both management and leadership excellence did not stop Jim from taking a very successful hiatus between banking positions to pursue his own entrepreneurial dreams. In 2002, Jim founded The Saybrook Financial Companies, recognizing the unique opportunity the exploding housing market offered. In less than twelve months, Jim had successfully built an organization with more than 100 employees, generating in excess of $500M of sales volume in four states. That success quickly attracted savvy investors who purchased the company in 2007.

Today, As Co-Founder, President and CEO of Whereable Technologies LLC, Jim Van Law has raised $12.8M million dollars in just over 24 months to launch its first product, RiskBand ARIES, making Whereable Technologies one of the region’s most well financed startups. It is a very unique story in today’s startup world as none of the money raised has come from venture capital firms or private equity groups. All monies have been raised from individual high net investors.

RiskBand ARIES is the ideal enterprise emergency notification and response solution. No smartphone phone app or certainly no other device similarly empowers its user. Powered by sophisticated multi-dimensional technology, RiskBand ARIES provides voice, data, photos and geo location with a single push of a button to a world-class FEMA-certified trained team, fluent in 200 languages and dialects and highly capable of deploying the appropriate emergency response in over 150 countries.

Jim is driven by the realization that RiskBand ARIES will save lives and change the outcome of potentially tragic situations for thousands and thousands of men and women. It will empower and equip a wide array of people faced with security and safety issues each and every day, from those in industry to those on college campuses, from lone workers and those working ‘on the road’ to cruise ship travelers and corporate executives. The response to date has been outstanding.

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Malota, CPA

“It is not every day that one gets to play an integral role in a company that is literally making our world a safer place. Whereable Technologies is that kind of company and RiskBand is that significant a product.”

With a relentless insistence that no detail is too small and no opportunity too daunting, Michael Malota is ideally suited for his role at Whereable Technologies. Michael brings tremendous financial savvy and operational experience to WT.

Michael possesses an extensive resume that includes serving as Chief Financial Officer for multiple successful businesses and consulting for large multi-national corporations. With his highly respected corporate finance and accounting acumen, Michael has been actively involved in mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, IPO’s, corporate planning, internal controls, taxation and project management. He is also licensed CPA in the states of South Carolina and Connecticut.

Whereable Technologies’ mission to help make the world safer is something that is near and dear to Michael’s heart.

Program Manager | Technical Security Applications

Jay Ryan

“In a world of continually emerging threats, Riskband now puts safety and security at the wearer’s fingertips. Being able to affordably provide this capability to the masses will shape the future of security and incident response.”

Jay, an avid technologist and futurist with an entrepreneurial spirit, is tasked with providing technical security program and project management, public safety product development, commercial and public safety sales engineering, and market and competitive intelligence analysis at WT. He plays a key role for the company as it expands into the military, security and public safety sectors.

Jay has direct experience in the advancement of emerging technologies in the areas of radio frequency solutions, digital communications, advanced networking concepts, location-based technologies and digital security applications. A clear and consistent communicator and effective collaborator, Jay has focused on the critical technology transfer between emerging commercial and government-based technologies.

A proud former U.S. Marine, Jay also developed multiple sales channels for defense-based equipment with commercial applications and provided continued support to partnerships in the wireless technologies, power solutions and location based technology communities. Jay played an integral role at Operations Support Technologies, Inc. (OSTi), where he led program management activities for all new programs, oversaw company technical development and engineering and provided guidance and decision points in the absence of CTO / CIO positions.

Senior Product Development Manager

Doug Kent

“The challenge of bringing a multidimensional wearable device as unique and powerful as RiskBand to market is tremendous, but the invaluable benefits it offers makes it an extremely worthwhile endeavor.”

Doug plays a critical role in new product development at Whereable Technologies. His many years of industry experience have prepared him well to define product requirements, to identify project scope and to help lead project teams in the effort to bring the highest quality WT products to market.

Doug has an extensive track record in product development in both the consumer electronics and telecom industries. After beginning his career with AT&T in 1991, Doug went on to hold critical positions as both global product and project manager for Lucent Technologies, Philips Consumer Communications, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Vtech Communications and Wave Technologies.

As a performance-driven product manager with excellent project management skills, Doug continuously expanded and refined his expertise, successfully bringing hundreds of leading telecom and consumer electronics products to market. His extensive work managing multiple concurrent global project teams, in the US, Mexico, China and Taiwan, are especially valuable in his role at Whereable Technologies.

The Catalyst

Regina Keene

“As a business professional and the mother of a vibrant teenage girl, I could not be more passionate about being involved in a project as worthwhile as RiskBand.”

Regina’s unique title speaks of both the scope of her responsibilities at Whereable Technologies and the width and breadth of her experience and abilities. Regina has over 15 years of project management and support in the healthcare, government and business sectors, which is invaluable to a technology company whose products appeal to a wide array of business, institutional and individual users.

Self-motivated and detail oriented, Regina plays key roles in HR, logistics, finance, operations, event planning and special projects at WT. Regina’s boundless energy and her commitment to excellence significantly contribute to the success of every project with which she is involved.

Board Chairman

Mark Karsch

“We are committed to continually growing the RiskBand platform in order to create an even safer, more productive environment for businesses and individuals.”

Mark Karsch has been a driving force behind the creation of Whereable Technologies and the development of its product concepts including RiskBand. His diverse and impressive resume is highlighted by his ability to launch and operate businesses serving both corporate and retail customers.

As President and CEO of a retail supply operation, Mark oversaw the company’s astonishing growth, from a fledgling business with yearly revenues of $750,000 into a burgeoning enterprise with more than $240 million in annual revenues.

Mark is a proud grandfather and a committed volunteer who is especially concerned about personal safety in this changing world. That helps best explain his passion for RiskBand.

Executive Vice President & General Counsel

Warren Colodner

“In an increasingly unpredictable world, RiskBand provides an additional layer of security – and the peace of mind that goes with it – that has never before been available.”

Warren Colodner, nationally recognized as a top U.S. business litigation lawyer, was a founder of the New York office of global law firm K&L Gates. Warren plays an integral role in Whereable Technologies, helping to ensure that products as ground-breaking and as technologically advanced as RiskBand are brought to market as smoothly and professionally as possible with the utmost regard for details.

Warren brings to Whereable Technologies his broad experience as a senior legal advisor for major corporations and other business entities, securities firms, self-regulatory organizations and individuals. Prior to joining Whereable Technologies, Colodner served as general counsel and corporate secretary of Digital Cinema Destinations Corp. (DCIN), a movie theater chain whose stock was publicly traded on NASDAQ, and helped consummate its 2014 merger with Carmike Cinemas, Inc., the fourth largest movie theater exhibitor in the United States. (Note: In March 2016, AMC Theatres announced its intent to acquire Carmike Cinemas; the deal, if approved, would make AMC the largest cinema chain in the United States.)

An avowed family man, Warren shares a deep personal interest in the lives RiskBand will empower and save.

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