RiskBand and the Black Women’s Health Imperative partner to aid in the fight against domestic violence.


RiskBand, the first wearable, live-monitored personal safety device that doesn’t require connection to a cell phone, and the Black Women’s Health Imperative are teaming up to help victims of domestic violence stay safe.

The BWHI, established in 1983, is a national organization dedicated to advancing the physical, emotional and financial wellness of 21 million black women and girls. It also has programs such as “My Sisters Keeper” to address the needs of females of all races. Two of its key focus areas include addressing domestic violence and campus assaults at historically black colleges and universities.

The partnership is designed to connect RiskBand – a small, bracelet-like device that allows wearers to summon help and stream audio, video and photos to an expert Emergency Response Team with just one discreet touch – to those at risk of domestic violence or campus assaults, with the goal being to distribute RiskBands to women of color at HBCUs across the U.S.

“Domestic violence is an epidemic affecting individuals in every community, regardless of age, economic status, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion or nationality,” said BWHI Director – Strategy and Development Samantha Abrams. “Our partnership with RiskBand will provide a new weapon in the fight against the devastating physical, emotional and psychological consequences of domestic violence and campus assaults.”

Through the partnership, BWHI will distribute thousands of RiskBands to domestic violence centers throughout the U.S.

“RiskBand is ideal for those in a dangerous situation that could escalate quickly if the victim tries to call for help or when there isn’t time or opportunity to make a phone call,” said Whereable Technologies President and CEO Jim Van Law. “We applaud BWHI’s innovative approach to helping victims by enlisting the latest technology, and we think our partnership will ultimately save lives.”

RiskBand is also available at www.RiskBand.com .

About Whereable Technologies LLC

Founded in 2014 in Charleston, South Carolina, by entrepreneurs Jim Van Law and Mark Karsch, Whereable Technologies is a global safety device company and creator of the first wearable, live-monitored personal safety device that doesn’t require connection to a cell phone or transmitting station. The company partners with global security expert GEOS to provide emergency response to RiskBand customers anywhere in the world with a network connection and in more than 200 languages and dialects. More information on RiskBand is available at www.riskband.com.

About the Black Women’s Health Imperative

The Black Women’s Health Imperative is the only national organization dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the nation’s 21 million Black women and girls — physically, emotionally and financially. It identifies the most pressing health issues and invests in the best of the best strategies, partners and organizations that share their goal: ensuring Black women live longer, healthier more prosperous lives.

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